Short 360 – G-RMSS, Datapost, Manx Airlines 1/200


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Aviation 200 1/200 scale AV2360011: Short 360 G-RMSS in the superb livery of Datapost, as operated by Manx Airlines.

Length 4.25 inches Wingspan 4.5 inches

The Short 360 is a 36-seat derivative of the 30–33 seat Short 330. In high density configuration, 39 passengers could be carried. The two Short airliners have a high degree of commonality and are very close in overall dimensions. The later 360 is easily identified by a larger, swept tail unit mounted on a revised rear fuselage. The 360 has a 3’0″ (91 cm) fuselage “plug” which gave sufficient additional length for two more seat rows (six more passengers), while the extra length smoothed out the aerodynamic profile and reduced drag.[1] Seating is arranged with two seats on the starboard side of the cabin and one seat on the port side. The 360’s power is supplied by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65Rs.

Building on the strengths and reputation of its 330 antecedent, the 360s found a niche in regional airline use worldwide, being able to operate comfortably from 4,500 ft runways, opening up hundreds of airfields that would otherwise be inaccessible to airliners. With a cruise speed about 215 mph (370 km/h), at an altitude of 10,000 ft , the unpressurized 360 was not the fastest turboprop in its market but it offered acceptable performance at a reasonable price combined with ease of service and maintainability. The PT6A turboprops are fully ICAO Stage 3 noise-compliant, making the 360 one of the quietest turboprop aircraft operating today.

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