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Albatros D.V – Hermann Goering, Jasta 27, CERTIFICATE NUMBER 1,000 (Last One) 1/48


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1 in stock

Albatros D.V serial 2049/16, as flown by Ltn Hermann Goering, of Luftstreitkrafte Jasta 27 based at Iseghem Aerodrome in 1917. Limited edition of only 1,000 pieces. This is Certificate number 1,000, the last example of this model ever to be made!

When people think of Hermann Goering, many will see him as a rotund figure of WWII, who epitomised the inefficiencies within the Luftwaffe. In his youth, however, Göring was a dashing and highly capable fighter pilot, who quickly rose to prominence within the German Air Service, collecting promotions and decorations along the way. He was credited with 22 confirmed victories on the Western Front and was awarded the ‘Pour le Mérite’ or ‘Blue Max’ – Germany’s highest order of merit, which was awarded as recognition of extraordinary personal achievement.

Flown by many top German Aces, the Albatros D.III was a biplane fighter aircraft used by the Imperial German Army Air Service in World War One. The aircraft surpassed all others during the period of German aerial dominance known as “Bloody April” in 1917, due in part to its two fixed 7.92mm LMG 08/15 machine guns, plywood skinned fuselage and top speeds of 109 mph.

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