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Bell AH-1G Cobra – “The Crystal Ship” 1st Cavalry, US Army, Vietnam 1970 1/48


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/48 scale US51205: Bell AH-1G Cobra of the 1st Cavalry, “The Crystal Ship” US Army Vietnam 1970. Limited Edition of 1,820 Pieces.

Length 13.25 inches Rotor span 11 inches

The Cobra was developed by Bell Helicopter beginning in 1965. By 1967 it was flying its first missions in Vietnam and quickly established a reputation as a lethal attack helicopter. Its roles were quickly expanded to include anti-armor warfare, and a twin-engined version was developed and delivered to the United States Marine Corps in 1969. The Cobra is still in service with the USMC, and the AH-1Z model is expected to continue in operation until 2025

CW2 Walker Jones was the pilot and SP4 “Mac” McCloy was crew chief of this Cobra that flew out of Phouc Vinh in May 1970. Jones flew this AH-1G until March 1971 when it was shot down by enemy machine-gun fire while he was on R&R. First lieutenant Van Joyce and gunner Captain Joel Hagerman were killed when it was shot down.

Designed to meet an urgent US Army requirement for a helicopter gunship, the Bell AH-1 Cobra-sometimes called The Snake-was first flown on September 7th, 1965. Troop-carrying Hueys depended on the Cobra for fire support; it was fast and very maneuverable, and its narrow 38-inch airframe made for a difficult target. Its main armament was its three-barrel 20mm Gatling gun mounted in a chin turret, but it was also capable of using a variety of other weapons including rocket pods, cannon pods, minigun pods and missiles. Replaced by Apaches in the 1990s, the Cobra now serves the US Forest Service as a firefighter.

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