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Fokker D.VII – Jasta 6, Herman Goering, 1918 1/48


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1 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive 1/48 scale Fokker D.VII of Luftstreitkrafte Jasta 6, Herman Goering, September 1918. Limited edition 2,000 pieces, now hard to find.

Length 5.75 inches Wingspan 7.25 inches

Hermann Göring is perhaps best known for his military and political roles during WW2 but his military career began much earlier. In 1912 he joined the Prussian Army and served in the infantry until he became ill with rheumatoid arthritis. While recovering he was persuaded by a friend to transfer to the Air Force and in 1915 he joined FFA25 as an observer. He later trained as a pilot and scored his first victory on 16th November 1916. He went on to accumulate a total of 22 victories making him one of Germany’s leading Aces of WW1. In July of 1918 he assumed command of Manfred von Richthofen’s JG1, nicknamed ‘The Flying Circus’ by its allied opponents. His BMW powered Fokker DVIIF was factory painted in his personal all-white scheme and had a special cut away on the port side of the cockpit. This was to allow Göring easier access as his joints were still impeded by the rheumatoid arthritis he suffered whilst in the army.

Designed by Reinhold Platz to participate in Germany’s first single-seat fighter competition, the D.VII prototype (V.11) was first flown in December 1917. Constructed of fabric-covered wire-braced welded steel tubing and powered by an innovative 160 horsepower engine, the D.VII’s greatest strength was its maneuverability at high altitudes. D.VII aircrews were equipped with two synchronized 7.92mm machine guns, with which they achieved some remarkable kill-to-loss ratios. By the end of WWI, the Fokker D.VII was regarded as the best German fighter in service, so good, in fact, that one of the Allies’ Armistice terms was that all Fokker D.VII’s be surrendered.

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