Boeing CH-47 Chinook G-BISP – British Airways Helicopters, Aberdeen, Scotland 1982


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2 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA34208: Boeing CH-47 Chinook G-BISP of British Airways Helicopters, Aberdeen, Scotland. Limited Edition of 1000 Pieces. Comes in a plain blue box, originally commissioned for the Corgi Heritage Centre.

Length 16.5 inches Rotorspan 10 inches

On 8th February 1981, British Airways Helicopters took delivery of the first of six Commercial Chinooks, including G-BJAC, which was given these registration letters as the initials of Captain J. A. Cameron. By August 1983, the British Airways Chinooks had carried no less than 220,000 passengers involved in off-shore oil support work based in Aberdeen. The BV-234 can carry 44 passengers at 160mph for up to 575 miles.

Designed as a turbine-powered replacement for the CH-37 Mojave, the CH-47 was first flown on September 21st, 1961. This iconic helicopter has had a long service history, seeing action in many different wars, from Vietnam to Afghanistan. The Chinook is the U.S. Army’s heaviest-lifting helicopter, primarily serving as a troop transporter, with secondary roles including artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply. It has a crew of three and can move 55 combat-ready troops. Its wide-loading ramp can be opened in-flight for paratroopers, and three cargo hooks can extend through a floor hatch, which allows the Chinook to be used as a flying crane.

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