Boeing Chinook HC.Mk 2 – 27 Squadron RAF with Underslung Land Rover, 2-Piece diorama Set


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1 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA99167: Boeing Chinook HC.Mk 2 of 27 Squadron RAF with Underslung Land Rover in a 2-Piece diorama Set. Limited Edition of 2,500 Pieces

The cradle supporting the Landrover cleverly forms the stand for the Chinook to sit on as though in flight.

Length 16.5 inches Rotorspan 10 inches

Designed specifically to a US Army requirement, the first Chinook flew on 21st September 1961, with the delivery of the first CH-47A to the US Army being in August 1962, followed by substantial orders for more than seven hundred machines. The Chinook was pressed into service in Vietnam where they became the “Flying Truck” of the US Army, moving every type of cargo and most types of ordnance and transport equipment in the US Army inventory. Roles include medical evacuation, firefighting, parachute drops, search and rescue, transport of under-sling fuel cells and heavy construction. The Chinook remains in service today with the US Army in large numbers, as well as with the Air Arms of many overseas countries, including the Royal Air Force, which is one of the largest users and ordered an initial batch of 33 in 1978 powered by Avro-Lycoming T55-L-IIE engines. Following the 1982 Falklands conflict, a further eight were ordered. The RAF operates the largest fleet of Chinook support helicopters after the US Army. The Chinook wing, which forms the heavy-lift element Joint Helicopter Command, is based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire. Odiham supports three Operation Conversion Flights (OCF). Two aircraft are also flown by 78 Squadron from Mt.Pleasant in the Falkland Islands on support helicopter tasks. Chinooks are used primarily for trooping and for load carrying (both internal and under-sling) and can carry up to 54 troops or 10 tonnes of freight. The cabin is large enough to accomodate two landrovers while the three under-sling load hooks allow huge flexibility in the type and number of loads that can be carried. Secondary roles include Search and Rescue and Casualty Evacuation (a total of 24 stretchers can be carried). The crew consists of either two pilots or a pilot and navigator and two air loadmasters. The aircraft can be armed with two M-134 six-barelled miniguns and an M-60 machine gun. The Chinook is a very capable and versitile support helicopter and has been involved in most other recent UK operations such as the Falklands conflict, Northern Ireland, the Gulf war, peacekeeping in the Balkans, evectuation of Sierra Leone and operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (operation Telic).

Designed as a turbine-powered replacement for the CH-37 Mojave, the CH-47 was first flown on September 21st, 1961. This iconic helicopter has had a long service history, seeing action in many different wars, from Vietnam to Afghanistan. The Chinook is the U.S. Army’s heaviest-lifting helicopter, primarily serving as a troop transporter, with secondary roles including artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply. It has a crew of three and can move 55 combat-ready troops. Its wide-loading ramp can be opened in-flight for paratroopers, and three cargo hooks can extend through a floor hatch, which allows the Chinook to be used as a flying crane.

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