Hawker Hunter F6 – 92 Sqn RAF aerobatic team The Blue Diamonds 1961


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA32701: Hunter F6 in the superb markings of 92 sqn RAF aerobatic team “The Blue Diamonds”. Complete with optional undercarriage and airbrake positions. These outstanding limited edition models are now hard to find and look stunning on display.

Length 7.75 inches Wingspan 5.75 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Boxes are notoriously flimsy  and has some underside creases

In 1961 92 Sqn, the Blue Diamonds, (initially named ‘The Falcons’), became the official aerobatic team of Royal Air Force. Under the leadership of Sqn Ldr RWP Brian Mercer, an ex-Black Arrows pilot, they flew 16 blue-painted Hawker Hunter F6 aircraft. During their display, Blue Diamonds splits into two formations of 7 and 9 aircraft and to four formations of four planes also. The team used the four fours spilt first at Furstenfeldbruck Air Base near Munich in September 1961.

The team performed the 16-ship rool and a loop, which began with four split sections of four Hunters and joined up in one large diamond at the top of the loop, while inverted. Another unique maneuvre performed by The Blue Diamonds display team was seven-ship line abreast loop, which has not done by any other aerobatic team.

The team was formed in 1960 and existed until 1962.

The Hawker Hunter is a subsonic British jet aircraft developed in the 1950s. The single-seat Hunter entered service as a manoeuvrable fighter aircraft, and later operated in fighter-bomber and reconnaissance roles in numerous conflicts. Two-seat variants remained in use for training and secondary roles with the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Navy until the early 1990s. The Hunter was also widely exported, serving with 21 other air forces; 50 years after its original introduction it is still used in active military training roles as an aggressor.

On 7 September 1953, the modified first prototype broke the world air speed record, achieving 727.63 mph (1,171.01 km/h). Overall, 1,972 Hunters were produced by Hawker Siddeley and under licence. In British service, the aircraft was replaced by the English Electric Lightning, the Hawker Siddeley Harrier and the McDonnell Douglas Phantom.

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