McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II – 171st FIS, 191st FIG, USAF, ANG, Selfridge AFB, MI, 1980

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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale Legends AA33211: McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II of 171st FIS, 191st FIG, USAF, ANG, Selfridge AFB, MI, 1980. egends models have fixed lowered undercarriage on a display stand over a diorama base within a plastic blister.

Length 10.5 inches Wingspan 6.25 inches

Ex-USAF F-4Cs first began to reach units of the Air National Guard in 1972. In addition, they served in the air defence role from 1978 onwards with seven ANG fighter interceptor squadrons and with a air defence training squadron. Most of the ANG’s F-4Cs were replaced by later-model F-4Ds and Es (as well as by F-15s and F-16s) during the mid- to late-1980s. The 171st Fighter Interceptor Squadron received their F-4Cs in 1978 being the first ANG unit to transition from F-106 Delta Darts. The squadron went on to operate F-4Ds and then in 1990 re-equipped with F-16A Fighting Falcons, which it flies today. The last ANG squadron to fly the F-4C, the 123rd FIS of the Oregon ANG, exchanged its F-4Cs for F-15As in the spring of 1989. As they left ANG service, the F-4Cs were retired to the boneyards at Davis-Monthan AFB or were converted into target drones. None remain in service with any ANG units today.

Designed as a fleet defense fighter for the US Navy, the F-4 Phantom was first flown on May 27, 1958. This twin-engine, long-range all-weather fighter/bomber proved highly adaptable and served in the Marine Corps and the US Air Force as well as in the Navy. During the Vietnam War, it was the principal air superiority fighter for the Navy and the Air Force and was also used for reconnaissance and ground attack. The Phantom continued to serve well into the 1970s and 1980s and even flew missions during the first Gulf War. Finally phased out by the F-14, F-16 and F/A-18, the Phantom was retired in 1996.


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