Panavia Tornado GR1 – ZG707, 13 Sqn, RAF Marham, England, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA33606: Panavia Tornado GR1 ZG707 of 13 Sqn, RAF Marham, England, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003. Limited Edition of 3,600 pieces.

Length 9.25 inches  Wingspan 7.75 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Box underside has a small area where the patina is removed. Model is new.

The Tornado’s ‘claim-to-fame’ was during the 1991 Gulf War, and ZG707 was involved in that, where it was extremely successful. In 1998, ZG707 was one of eighty Tornados upgraded from a GR1A to a GR4A, featuring a digital map display, GPS navigation system, pilot’s MFD, improved weapons systems, new HUD, video recorder and undernose FLIR. The Tornados found themselves in action in Iraq again in 2003, when the US and coalition forces finally destroyed Saddam Hussein’s government and weapons. Part of that force operating from Kuwait, was Tornado GR.4. ZG707, of 13 Squadron from RAF Marham, Norfolk. ZG707 was coded ‘B’, named ‘Babs’ and also had mission markings applied, denoting the dropping of a variety of weapons, comprising too RBL 755S, two 1,000lb bombs, nine ALARMS, 26 Enhanced Paveways and a single Legacy Paveway.

Designed in collaboration with Britain, West Germany and Italy, the Tornado was first flown on August 14th, 1974 and is thought by many to be the most important military aircraft in Western European history. Nicknamed “The Flying Fin” because of its large tail fin, the Tornado has a variable wing sweep design and is capable of taking off and landing on short airstrips. It is equipped with terrain-following radar, which allows for hands-off, low-level flight in any weather. There are three primary versions: an electronic combat/reconnaissance version, an interceptor and a highly versatile strike fighter-bomber capable of carrying almost all of NATO’s air-launched weapons.

The Tornado GR4 was officially retired from RAF service on 1 April 2019, the 101st anniversary of the force. It remains in service in Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

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