Westland Lynx HMA.Mk 8 – XZ726, 815 NAS, Royal Navy, HMS Manchester, 2008


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA39002: Westland Lynx HMA.Mk 8 XZ726 of 815 NAS, Royal Navy, HMS Manchester, 2008. Limited Edition of 2,800 Pieces.

Length 6.5 inches Rotorspan 7 inches

This Westland Lynx, naval variant is a British helicopter designed and built by Westland Helicopters at its factory in Yeovil. The initial design (then known as the Westland WG.13) was started in the mid-1960s as a replacement for the Westland Scout with the British Army and the Wasp with the Fleet Air Arm. The Lynx made its first flight on 21 March 1971. The Lynx HMA.8 is an anti-submarine warfare helicopter equipped with the Sea Skua anti-ship missile for Royal Navy warships. XZ726 represents a HMA8 of 815 Naval Air Squadron and serving on HMS Manchester. The Lynx’s most prominent combat role to-date was operating the Sea Skua to devastating effect against the Iraqi Navy during the 1991 Gulf War. The Lynx also saw service with British Army forces during that conflict.

Designed by Westland Helicopters as a utility craft for civil and naval applications, the Westland Lynx was first flown on March 21, 1971. Military interest in this versatile helicopter led to the development of both naval and battlefield variants, which were used in varying roles from transport and armed escort to evacuation, reconnaissance and anti-tank missions. The Lynx’s four-blade main rotor system is powered by twin Rolls Royce engines, and it is capable of performing aerobatic maneuvers not commonly associated with helicopters, such as loops and rolls. In 1972, a Lynx broke the world airspeed record for helicopters, flying at nearly 200 mph.

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