Westland Sea King HC4 Commando – 845 NAS, RNFAA, Bosnia 1996


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA33417: Westland Sea King HC.Mk 4 Commando of 845 NAS, RNFAA, Bosnia, 1996. Limited Edition of 2,000 Pieces

Length 12.25 inches Rotorspan 10.25 inches

845 NAS was the second of the four ‘Junglie’ Squadrons to take delivery of the new Sea King Mk 4 Commando helicopter as a replacement for the Wessex Mk 5.In November 1992 the squadron saw the commencement of protracted tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the United Nations and NATO lead Peace Implementation Force (IFOR). 845 NAS was the longest serving unit in theatre, maintaining a permanent presence in the former Yugoslavia until 2005. With the increasing requirement for additional support helicopters 845 NAS is currently deployed on operations in Afghanistan where the primary role of 845 and her sister squadron, 846 NAS, is to provide troop and underslung load lift capability, casualty and mine strike evacuation and any other task deemed appropriate as part of the Joint Helicopter Force (Afghanistan), (JHF(A)).

Designed to meet a US Navy requirement for an all-weather amphibious helicopter, the Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King first flew on March 11, 1959. Originally a submarine hunter-killer, the Sea King has since been used in a variety of operations, from search and rescue, executive transport and communications to anti-ship and airborne early warning. Its five main rotor blades and tail section fold for stowage aboard aircraft carriers, and its hull can remain temporarily watertight for water landings-a risky maneuver attempted only in emergencies. When deployed by aircraft carriers, Sea Kings serve as plane guard and are the first in the air and the last to return.

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