North American B-25D Mitchell – Crabb 2nd, 498th BS Air Apaches USAAF


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 Scale AA35308: North American B-25D Mitchell “Crabb 2nd” of 498th BS Air Apaches, 345th BG,, USAAF, New Guinea, 1943. Limited Edition of 1,740 Pieces.

Length 8.75 inches Wingspan 11.25 inches

The 345th Medium Bombardment Group, “The Air Apaches” were widely known in the Southwest Pacific theatre. Their brightly painted Falcon or Parrot (498th Sqdn), Bat (500th Sqdn) and Panther (498th Sqdn), Bat (499th Sqdn), Bat (500th Sqdn) and Panther (501st Sqdn) Mitchell B-25 twin engine bombers flew at low level, often at tree-top height. Converted to gun nosed B-25’s, with up to 12 forward firing fifty caliber machine guns they were well respected and feared by the Japanese. Used in conjunction with the heavy firepower were parafrag bombs, bombs using parachutes to allow the bomber to move away to a safe distance before denotation. Assigned to the 5th Air Force, the 345th entered combat on June 30, 1943 from New Guinea. Missions flown were; Bombing/strafing airfields and installations, attacking shipping, supporting ground forces, dropping supplies and flying courier and reconnaissance missions. Crabb 2nd is a B-25D-1 of the 498th BS/345th BG out of Dobudura, New Guinea in December 1943. This plane features a stylized parrot on the nose, with white striped tails and the name (painted as a crab) on the right side.

Originally designed as an attack bomber for export to France and the UK, the B-25 Mitchell was first flown on August 19, 1940. Rejected by the countries it was designed for in favor of the new Douglas DB-7, the B-25 later entered service with the Army Air Corps as a medium bomber. Early in its service career, the B-25 became famous for its role in the Doolittle Raid. Nearly 10,000 B-25s were built by North American Aviation, and the aircraft’s service spanned four decades. Named for aviation pioneer Billy Mitchell, the B-25 is the only US military aircraft to bear the name of an individual person.

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