Bristol Blenheim Mk1V – R3821, 82 Sqn RAF 1942


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA38401: Bristol Blenheim Mk IV of 82 Sqn, RAF, 1942. Limited Edition of 2150 Pieces.

Length 7.25 inches Wingspan 9.25 inches

This Corgi model depicts the only airworthy Blenheim in the world which is with The Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford, but now flies as a Mark 1 short nosed version. It is actually a Fairchild-built Bolingbroke IV T. The Bolingbroke was the Canadian name for the Blenheim. This machine is the second ‘Blenheim’ that has been restored to airworthy status, following an untimely accident with the first one. Plans were immediately put in place to restore a second Blenheim and using the skills learned in the first restoration the Duxford team set about putting another into the air. Bolingbroke 10201 was acquired and the whole process started again. At Duxford on May 18 1993 the late ‘Hoof’ Proudfoot flew the team’s second Blenheim bearing the serial Z5722 and civil registration G-BPIV. The aircraft has worn several RAF colour schemes, the last one being depicted by this model being ‘R3821’ coded ‘UX-N’ of 82 Squadron, RAF. Sadly on 18th August 2003, this aircraft suffered a landing accident at Duxford, where it was severely damaged. Undaunted, another rebuild commenced, but this time the team have converted it to a Blenheim Mk.I with a short nose and it now flies on the UK air display circuit in this new guise.

Designed in response to a challenge by media mogul Lord Rothermere, who wanted the British to recapture the title of “fastest European civilian aircraft,” the Bristol Blenheim first flew as “Britain First” on April 12, 1935. Faster than any fighter then in service with the RAF, the aircraft captured the attention of the Air Ministry, which issued a specification for a bomber version. The Blenheim was used extensively during the early part of WWII and was later adapted as a night fighter. It was one of the first British aircraft to use flaps, retractable landing gear and variable pitch propellers.

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