Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress – The Zoot Suiters, 95th BG USAAF, RAF Horsham 1943. Sights & Sounds


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA33310: Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress “The Zoot Suiters” of the 95th BG, 412th BS, USAAF, RAF Horsham, England, 1943. Sights and Sounds Limited Edition of 1,500 Pieces.

Length 12.25 inches Wingspan 17.25 inches

Featuring a special interactive electronic light and sound “Bombing Mission” display stand. The base of the stand shows a silhouetted cityscape with illuminating search light and bomb flashes and authentic sounds including engines, sirens, flak and bomb blasts.

Designed to meet a US Army Air Corps requirement for a multi-engined bomber to replace the B-10, the B-17 first flew on July 18, 1935. Best known for its role in the US Army Air Forces’ daylight strategic bombing campaign during World War II, the B-17 could fly high and had a long range, and was capable of defending itself from enemy fighters. It was also tough, withstanding extensive battle damage, and was capable of carrying a 6,000 lb bombload. The B-17 became one of the symbols of Allied air power, equipping 32 overseas combat groups and dropping a total of 580,631 metric tons of bombs on European targets.

As of 2020, 46 B-17 airframes survive, of which 10 remain airworthy.

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