Consolidated B-24J Liberator – Michigan, 64th BS, 43rd BG, USAAF, Clark Field, Philippines, 1945. With Nose Art Panel


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1 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale US34011: Consolidated B-24J Liberator #44-40429 “Michigan” of 64th BS, 43rd BG, USAAF, Clark Field, Philippines, 1945. Complete with large scale nose art panel. Intended mainly for US issue. Limited Edition of 2,000 Pieces.

Length 11.25 inches Wingspan 18.25 inches.

The nose art on this model was done by the same artist who did “Dragon and His Tail”. The art refers to The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is the U.S. product development manager’s alma mater, “M Go Blue!”.

During WW2, young airmen separated from home, family, loved ones and a familiar way of life often sought ways of escaping the harsh reality of war by personalising their aircraft with what has become known as nose art. Humour, slogans, nicknames, cartoons, girls; all were used to bring a touch of light relief to their deadly day-to-day existence. The Corgi Nose Art range aims to capture some of the superb works of art that adorned aircraft on all sides of the conflict. Each model includes a diecast body panel featuring the art in colourful, large-scale detail.

Designed to fill a United States Army Air Corps need for a heavy bomber, the B-24 Liberator was first flown on December 29, 1939. The USAAC originally asked Consolidated to build the B-17 under license, but the company instead chose to submit a more modern design with greater speed, greater range and a heavier bomb load. Despite these advantages, the B-24 was more difficult to fly, had poor formation-flying characteristics, and was much more vulnerable to battle damage, which meant it never became the favored bomber among American aircrews. It did prove more than serviceable, however, especially for long-range missions.

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