Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat – White 19, Minsi III, David McCampbell, US Navy 1944


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Corgi Predators 1/72 scale PR99402: Grumman F6F Hellcat White 19, Minsi III, as flown by ace pilot David McCampbell of the US Navy in 1944. Complete with optional undercarriage and canopy positions, rocket and bomb load, stand and limited edition info leaflet.

Length 5.75 inches Wingspan 7.25 inches

The F6F “Hellcat” was basically designed as the “Zero Killer”. It could fly about an average 55 mph faster than the Zero and it was heavier and more powerful than the Zero. The Hellcat also had the highest kill ratio of any American fighter plane during WWII (19 to 1). US Navy pilots referred the Hellcat as the “Aluminum Tank”. F6F was one of the most feared and successful planes in WWII.
This F6F-5, nicknamed “Minsi 111” (White 19), was flown by ace pilot David McCampbell from the carrier USS Essex. He shot down 30 Japanese aircraft with it, becoming one of the highest scoring allied aces of World War 2. In October 1944 McCampbell and his Wingman Lt Roy Rushing attacked a force of 60 plus Japanese aircraft. After 90 minutes of dog-fighting he shot down 9 Japanese aircraft, setting an air combat record. His wingman Rushing shot down another 6!

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