Focke-Wulf Fw 190A – Black 1, 2./JG 2 Richthofen, Horst Hanning, Luftwaffe, France, 1943


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale Legends US34309: Focke-Wulf Fw 190A “Black 1” of 2./JG 2 Richthofen, Horst Hanning, Luftwaffe, France, 1943. Intended primarily for US issue. Very hard to find

Length 4.75 inches Wingspan 5.75 inches

Boasting an elaborate eagle’s head marking designed to hide soot deposits from the Fw190s BMW radial engine which collected behind the fighter’s exhaust louvres, this aircraft was flown by 98-victories ace Horst Hannig. He claimed 90 of his victories with 6./JG 54 on the Eastern front between the autumn of 1941 and early 1943. Awarded the Knight’s Cross on May 9, 1942, Hannig became Staffelkapitan of 2./JG 2 in February 1943. He had downed eight aircraft in the West (including one four-engined bomber) by the time he was shot down and killed during a clash with 40 RAF Spitfires near Rocquancourt on May 15, 1943. Critically wounded, he had baled out of his fighter, only for his parachute to fail. Hannig, who was just 22 when he was killed, was posthumously awarded Oak Leaves in January 1944.

Designed by Kurt Tank, the Fw-190A was first flown on June 1st, 1939. This small, yet ferociously-powered aircraft was fast and maneuverable and packed a fierce armament package earning it the nickname “Butcher Bird”. The wide landing gear, excellent visibility and high-altitude paddle-bladed propeller endeared it to pilots familiar with the shortcomings of its predecessor – the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Some of the Luftwaffe’s most famous fighter aces flew the Fw 190. Many variants were produced during the war, with the most notable being the inline-engine equipped and longer-nosed 190D, known as the “Dora.”

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