Grumman TBF Avenger – 882 NAS, Royal Navy FAA, HMS Nabob, 1944


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1 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive Predators PR99415: Grumman TBF Avenger of 882 NAS, RNFAA, HMS Nabob, 1944. Limited Edition of 3,110 Pieces.

Length 6.75 inches Wingspan 9 inches

Designed to replace the Douglas TBD Devastator, the TBF Avenger was first flown on August 1st, 1941. Capable of staging torpedoes, drop bombs and rockets, this single engine aircraft could also be outfitted with a combination of machine guns and cannons, which allowed it to act as a dogfighter. The robust Avenger design gave it the ability to withstand enemy air attacks and allowed it to serve throughout WWII, with dire consequences for the Japanese fleet. Postwar, the Avenger was still in service-retrofitted for other important functions including electronic warfare, anti-submarine warfare and target towing.

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