Hawker Hurricane Mk II – BN230, 43 Sqn, Daniel Du Vivier, RAF Acklington, England, 1942


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA39702A: Hawker Hurricane Mk II BN230 of 43 Sqn, Daniel Du Vivier, RAF Acklington, England, 1942. Limited Edition of 1,500 Pieces.

Length 5.25 inches Wingspan 6.75 inches

Daniel Le Roy Du Vivier was born in Amersfoort, Holland in January 1915. After gaining a degree in business, he joined the Belgian Air Force flying against the Germans during the opening stages of the assault upon the Low Countries. When Belgium fell he escaped to England and flew with the RAF, shooting down a single aircraft during the Battle of Britain. After being injured towards the end of the battle, Du Vivier went on to gain numerous awards and recognitions for his gallantry while leading attacks upon enemy positions in France. By this time the Hurricane had ceased to be a truly capable front line fighter in the face of opponents such as the Bf109F, but it still packed a hefty punch from its four 20mm cannons. During the Dieppe operation, Du Vivier led his squadron four times on various different attacks, each time returning with damage to his own machine. It was while flying this aeroplane that Du Vivier scored his fifth and final kill, a Ju88 over the North Sea; he was however hit and wounded in the action. The machine displays his various affiliations, from the Belgian flag to the black and white checkers of 43 Squadron, RAF.

Based on the Fury biplane and designed by Sydney Camm as a monoplane fighter, the Hurricane was first flown on November 6th, 1935. With its wide-set landing gear, easy handling, reliability, and stable gun platform, the Hurricane was suitable for a variety of different roles such as intruder, ground strafing and night fighter. Steel-tube construction meant cannon shells could pass right through the wood and fabric covering without exploding. The Hurricane underwent many modifications during its lifetime, including an upgraded Merlin engine and interchangeable multi-purpose wings, staging twelve 7.7mm guns and two 40mm anti-tank guns and carrying two 500lb bombs.

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