Hawker Sea Hurricane – W9220, 880 NAS, RNFAA, Richard ‘Dickie’ Cork, Arbroath & St. Merryn, Scotland, 1941


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA32017: Hawker Sea Hurricane W9220 of 880 NAS, RNFAA , Richard ‘Dickie’ Cork, Arbroath & St. Merryn, Scotland, 1941. Limited Edition of 1,300 Pieces.

Length 5.25 inches Wingspan 6.75 inches

The Royal Navy acquired Hurricanes to help in the Battle of the Atlantic which, in early 1940, had a steep rise in shipping losses far from shore, where land-based aircraft could not provide air cover for Allied convoys. This gave rise to the ‘Hurricat’, a converted Hurricane carried by CAM-ships. Hurricanes converted for such a role needed only the addition of catapult spools, and 50 Hurricane Mk I land-Pieces were so modified and designated Sea Hurricane Mk IA. The first of the Hurricanes and Sea Hurricanes to see service with the Fleet Air Arm arrived in February 1941 and were operating with front line unit 880 Squadron from 15 March 1941. Battle of Britain ace ‘Dickie’ Cork first flew W9220 on 7 April 1941 and continued to do so for several months. The Sea Hurricane Mk I were followed by about 300 Mk I’s converted to Sea Hurricane Mk IB configuration, these having catapult spools plus a V-frame arrester hook: in addition 25 Mk IIA were modified as Sea Hurricane IB or Hooked Hurricane II fighters.

Based on the Fury biplane and designed by Sydney Camm as a monoplane fighter, the Hurricane was first flown on November 6th, 1935. With its wide-set landing gear, easy handling, reliability, and stable gun platform, the Hurricane was suitable for a variety of different roles such as intruder, ground strafing and night fighter. Steel-tube construction meant cannon shells could pass right through the wood and fabric covering without exploding. The Hurricane underwent many modifications during its lifetime, including an upgraded Merlin engine and interchangeable multi-purpose wings, staging twelve 7.7mm guns and two 40mm anti-tank guns and carrying two 500lb bombs.

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