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Hawker Typhoon Mk I Nightfighter prototype – RAE, DIPLAYED

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Corgi Aviation 1/72 scale AA36505 D: Hawker Typhoon Mk I Nightfighter prototype, RAE, November 1942. Originally a limited edition of 2,560 models.

Length 5.25 inches Wingspan 7 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Model is ex display and comes with monor paint imperfections in a plain cardboard box

The Typhoon Mk.IB, widely known as the Tiffy, distinguished itself particularly in the Battle of Normandy. In one famous case, Tiffies of the 2nd Tactical Air Force decimated a large concentration of armour ahead of Avranches, disposing of no fewer than 137 tanks, and opening the way for the liberation of France and Belgium.

Designed by Sydney Camm for the British Air Ministry, the Typhoon was first flown on February 24th, 1940. The large under-fuselage chin radiator gave the Typhoon a menacing look, and was its most notable identifying physical feature. Powered by a Napier Sabre 24 cylinder engine-which gave it a top speed in excess of 400 mph-and fitted with air-to-ground rockets and two underwing bombs, it made an exceptional fighter-bomber hybrid. The Typhoon could engage ground targets and still hold its own against German bombers and fighters. It proved especially adept at engaging marauding Fw-190 on the British coast.

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