Heinkel He 111H-14 – 1/KGr 100, Luftwaffe, Vannef, France, Blitz, 1940. Sights and Sounds Series


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA33709: Heinkel He 111H-14 of  1/KGr 100, Luftwaffe, Vannef, France, Blitz, 1940. Sights and Sounds Limited Edition of 2,060 Pieces

Length 9 inches Wingspan 12.25 inches

In 1940 the all up weight of the He 111 was increased to 30,985 lbs (14055 kg) and obviously was to slow the aircraft when under a full load, but these aircraft were filled to capacity during the night raids on London during the “Blitz” and caused devastating results. The main variants were the He 111H-6 and H-14, and although not used during the Battle of Britain, they were used in great numbers in bombing raids on London and all major British cities from early 1941. These variants as well as the He 111H-5 and other German bombers continued night attacks on British targets to which Britain really had no answer.

Featuring a special interactive electronic light and sound “Bombing Mission” display stand. The base of the stand shows a silhouetted cityscape with illuminating search light and bomb flashes and authentic sounds including engines, sirens, flak and bomb blasts.

Designed in direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles, the Heinkel He 111 first flew on February 24, 1935. Masquerading as a transport aircraft, the He 111 was actually a fast medium bomber that went on to become the most prolific Luftwaffe bomber used during the early part of WWII. During its early service career, the He 111 had the distinction of being one of the fastest aircraft in the world, with speeds exceeding 250 mph. It was also versatile, serving as a medium bomber, strategic bomber and as a torpedo bomber. By late 1944 the Luftwaffe halted bomber production, and the He 111 became a transport aircraft.

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