Avro Lancaster B I – 617 (Dambusters) Sqn, Grand Slam U-Boat Pens Raid 1945


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA32616: Avro Lancaster B.Mk I PD119 YZ-J of 617 (Dambusters) Sqn, as flown by Johnny Fauquier, Farge, Germany, U-Boat Pens Raid, March 1945, with Grand Slam bomb. Limited edition of 1,600 pieces.

Length 11.75 inches Wingspan 17 inches

On 27th March 1945, 617 Sqn bombed the U-Boat Pens at Farge, Germany. These pens were one of the largest concrete structures on earth at the time and of the 20 Lancasters used on the raid, 14 were equipped with the huge, 22,000lb Grand Slam Bombs – the highest number ever used on a single mission. 2 Grand Slams found their target and detonated rendering the pens unusable. No aircraft were lost. The raid was led by Group Captain Johnny Fauquier, a Canadian who assumed command of 617 Sqn in December 1944. He flew PD119, YZ-J, which was possibly the most distinctive of 617 Sqn, B1 (Special) Lancasters. While the aircraft wore a daylight camouflage, its port rear rudder was damaged, probably by Flak on the 21st March, and with no replacements readily available one was “borrowed” from another plane which wore a black night camouflage scheme. It remained this way until the end of the war.

Designed to meet a specification for a new generation of “worldwide use” medium bombers, the Avro Lancaster was first flown on January 8, 1941. The design of the Lancaster evolved from an unsuccessful two-engine aircraft called the Manchester. The heavier Lancaster had four engines and an extensive bomb bay, with later versions capable of carrying 22,000 lb bombs. Used primarily as a night bomber, the Lancaster was a versatile aircraft that became most famous for its role in the 1943 “Dam Buster” raids on Germany’s Ruhr Valley dams. Between 1942 and 1945, Lancasters flew 156,000 sorties, dropping 608,612 tons of bombs on enemy targets.

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