Lockheed P-38J Lightning – Scrapiron IV, Laurence Blumer, 393rd FS, 367th FG, USAAF, France 1944


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA36613: Lockheed P-38J Lightning #44-23590 Scrapiron IV, Laurence Blumer of  393rd FS, 367th FG, USAAF, France, 1944. Limited Edition of 1,000 Pieces.

Length 6.25 inches  Wingspan 8.75 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Box is not perfect with a light crush and the odd dent. Model is new

The 367th Fighter Group arrived in England in April 1944, and having trained on single engine fighters, they were expecting to find Mustangs waiting for them at RAF Stoney Cross – the twin engine P-38 Lightning proved to be something of a surprise. Following a period of re-training, the 367th were sent into battle and immediately began to make their mark. Laurence ‘Scrappy’ Blumer and his P-38 Lightning ‘Scrapiron IV’ earned the title ‘the fastest ace in a day’ and the award of a Distinguished Service Cross, for combat actions he was involved in, on 25th August 1944. Joining an already savage dogfight, Blumer shot down two FW190 fighters on his first pass and a further three within the next fifteen minutes, before the enemy fighters ran for cover. During this engagement, the Luftwaffe lost 25 aircraft destroyed, one probably destroyed and a further 17 suffering damage; by any standards, a mauling by pilots of the Fork-tailed devil.

Until the arrival of the P-51 Mustang, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning was the primary long-range fighter of the USAAF and despite its size and unique appearance, it proved to be an exceptional fighting aircraft. For any fighter pilot embarking on a long-range patrol over enemy occupied territory, the two engines of the P-38 must have afforded them a high degree of reassurance, as opposed to the pilot of a single engine fighter. The Lightning could fly quite comfortably on one engine, which effectively doubled your chances of coming home safely. Luftwaffe pilots described the Lightning as the ‘Fork tailed devil’ and quickly learned to respect this extremely effective fighter, classing it as an adversary to be respected. The Lightning was distinctive for its very quiet operation, resulting from the engine exhausts being muffled by the twin turbo superchargers.

Designed to meet a USAAC requirement for a high-performance fighter, the P-38 Lightning was first flown on January 27th, 1939. The easily recognizable P-38 had twin-booms, twin turbo-supercharged engines, a central pod for the pilot, contra-rotating propellers and tricycle landing gear. Its roles included dive bombing, level bombing, ground strafing and photo reconnaissance. When equipped with drop tanks it was also flown as a long-range escort fighter. The Lightning’s armament was clustered in the nose of the plane, which gave the pilot a direct line of site to the target and also gave the weapons a “buzz saw” effect that was useful for strafing.

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