Messerschmitt Bf 109E – Black 8, 8./JG 27, Luftwaffe, Werner Schroer, Libya 1941 (Nose Art Panel)

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Corgi Aviation 1/72 scale US32106: Messerschmitt Bf 109E “Black 8” of 8./JG 27, Luftwaffe, Werner Schroer, Libya, 1941.  One of the Nose Art series, with a large scale panel showing the aircrafts Nose Art insignia. Limited Edition of 1,210 models, intended mainly for US issue.

Length 5 inches Wingspan 5.5 inches

Schroer flew this aircraft across the Mediterranean from Italy to Libya in the early spring of 1941, when Jagdgeschwader 27 ‘Afrika’ first arrived in North Africa to help Rommel’s Afrika Korps in its fight against the British Eighth Army. At that time Schroers fighter bore just four victory symbols on its rudder. By February 1943, he had increased his tally of kills to 60. Schroer ended the war as Kommodore of JG 3, defending the Reich- his tally had risen to 114 victories (including no fewer than 26 heavy bomber kills ) by May 1945.

During WW2, young airmen separated from home, family, loved ones and a familiar way of life often sought ways of escaping the harsh reality of war by personalising their aircraft with what has become known as nose art. Humour, slogans, nicknames, cartoons, girls; all were used to bring a touch of light relief to their deadly day-to-day existence. The Corgi Nose Art range aims to capture some of the superb works of art that adorned aircraft on all sides of the conflict. Each model includes a diecast body panel featuring the art in colourful, large-scale detail.

Designed to meet a Luftwaffe need for a single-seat fighter/interceptor, the Messerschmitt Bf 109 was first flown on May 28th, 1935. Its all-metal construction, closed canopy and retractable gear made the Bf 109 one of the first true modern fighters of WWII. This versatile aircraft served in many roles and was the most produced aircraft of the war and the backbone of the Luftwaffe, and was flown by Germany’s top three aces, who claimed a total of 928 victories between them. Armed with two cannons and two machine guns, the Bf 109’s design underwent constant revisions, which allowed it to remain competitive until the end of the war.

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