Gloster Meteor F3 – EE246 YQ-A, 616 Squadron RAF, Lubeck, Germany 1945

Meteor F3 – EE246 YQ-A 616 Squadron RAF (1,200 ONLY)


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1 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA27401: Gloster Meteor F3, EE246 YQ-A 616 Squadron, Lubeck 1945. Limited edition of only 1,200 pieces.

Length 6.75 inches  Wingspan 7.25 inches

The Gloster Meteor was the first jet fighter to enter service with the RAF. First flying in 1943 it entered service with 616 squadron in July 1944. Confined to operations only over the United Kingdom to preserve the secrets of its technology, the Meteor was soon used on anti-V1 patrols. Their terrific acceleration allowed them to be very effective in this role, accounting for fourteen V1s by the end of the war, a good total from only a small number of airframes.
With the Allied air superiority they did not suffer the same problems as the ME262s, that of Allied fighters attacking the short legged jets at their most vulnerable stage, during take-off or landing. By mid-1945 the squadron was operational over Germany, being engaged in ground attacks and fighter sweeps. But the squadron failed to encounter any enemy jets during their sorties. The Meteor would go on to have a long and successful career with a multitude of air forces.

Designed as a turbojet-powered fighter in a time when piston-engined aircraft still dominated the skies, the Gloster Meteor first flew on March 5, 1943. The Meteor was the first British jet fighter and the only Allied jet aircraft to see service during WWII. It debuted around the same time as the German Me 262, but was not used for dogfighting—instead, Meteors were used to combat the V1 Flying Bomb. The Meteor’s service during WWII was limited, but it saw combat during the Korean War and was used by the Royal Australian Air Force and by the Air Forces of more than a dozen other nations until its ultimate retirement in the 1970s

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