Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero – serial 104, IJNAS Kasamigaura Flying Group, Kasumiguara, Japan, 1943


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA33104: Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero-Sen/Zeke serial 104 of  the IJNAS Kasamigaura Flying Group, Kasumiguara, Japan, 1943. Limited Edition of 2,800 Pieces.

Length 5 inches Wingspan 6 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Box lid has a light scuff on the bottom right corner. Model is new.

In the Imperial Japanese Navy practice in aviation was given in training Naval Air Groups (NAGs) all over Japan. Edicts on training NAGs became effective in 1930, and the UN raised many training NAGs, but named these NAGs after location of their home base. In 1944 the UN gave three-digit numbers to operational NAGs, and [eft other NAGs, those for training and airfield keeping, unchanged. In the last days they ordered training NAGs to join in operation, namely Kamikaze attacks by young trainees, but basically an NAG named after a location at the end of war, was a training NAG. This aircraft was a typical trainer variant used at Kasumigaura around 1943 and is in colours often seen at this school, including the lower surface colour of Trainer Orange.

First flown in April, 1939, the A6M Zero-Sen was the Allies’ main opponent in the Pacific and the most famous symbol of Japanese air power during World War II. This carrier-based fighter, designed with a low-monoplane wing and armed with a formidable array of two 20mm cannons and two 7.7mm machine guns, proved capable of handling any of the Allies’ aircraft. It wasn’t until the Allies studied a captured Zero that they were able to identify and exploit weaknesses such as minimal pilot and fuel tank protection. Zeros became infamous for Kamikaze attacks, in which pilots would intentionally crash explosion-laden aircraft into Allied ships.

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