Supermarine Spitfire MkVb – 303 Polish Sqn RAF, Zumbach (Donald Duck) 1943


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Corgi Aviation AA31903 1/72 scale Spitfire mkVb EN951/RF-D named Donald Duck. This was the personal mount of Polish ace Jan Zumbach, Officer Commanding 303 (Polish) Sqn RAF. Finished in the grey and green camouflage scheme adopted in the early 1940s, this model is now highly sought after by Aviation Archive and Disney character collectors alike. PLEASE NOTE: There was an error on the entire production run; the propeller spinner has been finished in black, whereas it should be in duck egg green as per the box illustration. Some collectors prefer to change this when they purchase to model, but I have kept them original so that you have the option of either.

Length 5 inches Wingspan 6.25 inches

The 303 “Kościuszko” Squadron was a Polish-manned Fighter Squadron and part of the RAF. During the Battle of Britain 303 Squadron recorded more victories than any of the other 66 allied fighter squadrons. The 303 Squadron Leader was Jan Zumbach, who scored eight victories during the BoB. EN951 was the last of three different Spitfires Zumbach had flown, each with a Donald Duck motif on the port cockpit side. This was due to one of his nicknames being “Donald” due to his sloping nose with upturned tip being reminiscent of Donald Ducks bill. The victory markings on his aircraft were German crosses outlined in white for confirmed victories and red for probables. Zumbach ended the war with 13 1/3 victories.

The basic Spitfire Mk V was a Mk I with the Merlin 45 series engine. This engine delivered 1,440 hp (1,074 kW) at take-off, and incorporated a new single-speed single-stage supercharger design. Improvements to the carburettor also allowed the Spitfire to use zero gravity manoeuvres without any problems with fuel flow.

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