Fairey Swordfish Mk111 – 119 Sqn RAF Coastal Command, Bircham Newton 1944


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1 in stock

Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA36304: Fairey Swordfish Mk111 NF410 of 119 Sqn RAF Coastal Command, based at Bircham Newton in 1945. Finished in black livery, this Corgi model is absolutely superb, with folding wings and authentic looking wire rigging on the wings and tailplane. Limited edition of 2,640 pieces.

Length 6 inches Wingspan 7.75 inches

Throughout WWII, several Swordfish Squadrons operated under the control of RAF Coastal Command and were engaged in operations in the English Channel area. The swift movement of German forces through the Low Countries in 1940 led to eight Naval Air Squadrons put at the disposal of Coastal Command, and these included Swordfish squadrons 812,815,818,825, and 829. Operating from their main bases at Manston and Detling in Kent, North Cotes in Lincolnshire, Bircham Newton in Norfolk, and Thorney Island near Portsmouth, their main duties included convoy protection, and dive-bombing military targets such as tanks, gun positions, vehicle convoys, shipping, barges, and E-Boats. At night they bombed ports, airfields, power stations and fuel dumps, or mined Dutch, Belgian and even German harbors, estuaries and waterways. Mining operations were known as “gardening” – an apt term as the long cylindrical mines dropped by Swordfish aircraft were known as “Cucumbers”! much later in the war, 833 and 819 Squadrons were also seconded to RAF Coastal Command and were involved in laying smoke screens over the Allied Forces en route to the Normandy beaches on and around D-Day, June 6th 1944 (6 June 1944). Coastal Command even had its own RAF Swordfish Squadron, 119 NAS, which swapped the Albacores, which they had been flying, for Swordfish MKII aircraft in January 1945. This squadron was used for day and night patrols seeking troublesome E-Boats and midget submarines, and in fact successfully attacked a Biber midget submarine on 13 March 1945, the vessel becoming the last submarine to be sunk by British Forces in WWII.

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