Vought F4U Corsair & Diorama Set – White 167, VF-84 Jolly Rogers, US Navy, Roger Hedrick, USS Bunker Hill, February 19th 1945


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale US61005: Vought F4U Corsair “White 167” of VF-84 Jolly Rogers, US Navy, as flown by Roger Hedrick, USS Bunker Hill, February 19th 1945. This superb diorama set is one of the hardest Acviation Archive models to find,  complete with scale replica Carrier Deck and 4 fully painted crew figures. Limited Edition of 1430 Pieces, intended primarily for US only issue.

Length 5.5 inches Wingspan 6.75 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Boxlid has a crush to the top left corner. Model is new

Roger Hedrick was the executive officer of legendary VF-17 Jolly Rogers, with whom he claimed nine kills over Bougainville in 1943-44. VF-17 broke up in April, 1944. He then commanded CVG-84 (of which VF-84 became the latest Jolly Rogers Squadron) on the carrier USS Bunker Hill, following the death of its previous commander in action. Their primary mission was to stop the kamikazes. The Corsairs distinctive yellow nose, which had been applied for CVG-84s first Tokyo raid on February 19, 1945, had been painted out by the time Hedrick claimed his last kills six days later. He destroyed a Zero and 2 Franks on February 25, 1945, to bring his final score to 12 confirmed and 4 damaged. But on May 11, 1945, a kamikaze got through, hitting the carrier right below the island, killing most of the pilots in the ready room. Hedrick survived, but that was the end of Bunker Hill’s combat tour.

US Navy Fighter Squadron 84 (VF-84) was established on July 1st, 1955. Three US Navy squadrons have used the name and insignia of the Jolly Roger: VF-61 (originally VF-17), VF-84, and VFA-103. While these are distinctly different squadrons that have no lineal linkage, they all share the same Jolly Rogers name, the skull and crossbones insignia and traditions. VF-84 adopted the name in 1960 while operating the FJ-3 Fury. The squadron transitioned through the F-8 Crusader and F-4 Phantom II before upgrading to the F-14A Tomcat in 1976. VF-84 deployed several times aboard the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt before being disestablished on October 1st, 1995, and handing over the Jolly Rogers title to VF-103.

Designed to meet a US Navy requirement for a single-seat carrier based fighter, the F4U was first flown on May 29th, 1940. This versatile aircraft saw service with both the Navy and Marine Corps in WW II and in the Korean War. During its lifetime, the Corsair underwent numerous improvements such as a lengthened fuselage, a high visibility bubble-top canopy and folding inverted gull wings that provided clearance for a large propeller. Its performance advantage, 400 mph capability, the ability to withstand punishment and six .50 Browning machine guns made the F4U a devastating weapon against aircraft, ground targets and ships.

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