Westland Lynx HMA.Mk 8 – XZ722, 702 NAS, Black Cats display team, RNAS Yeovilton 2018


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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA39005: Westland Lynx HMA.Mk 8 XZ722 of 702 NAS, Black Cats display team, RNAS Yeovilton, England. Limited Edition of 1,300 Pieces

Length 6.5 inches Rotorspan 7 inches

A key strength of the Lynx is its impressive manoeuvrability. Able to do rolls and loops that other helicopters cannot, and combined with high speed, the Lynx is a perfect air show display machine, as proven by the Royal Navy’s aerobatic team, the Black Cats. Formed in 2001 and originally called the Lynx Pair, the team has given outstanding displays for over a decade. Crews are drawn from 702 NAS based at Yeovilton and their aircraft are painted in this striking cat based livery.

Designed by Westland Helicopters as a utility craft for civil and naval applications, the Westland Lynx was first flown on March 21, 1971. Military interest in this versatile helicopter led to the development of both naval and battlefield variants, which were used in varying roles from transport and armed escort to evacuation, reconnaissance and anti-tank missions. The Lynx’s four-blade main rotor system is powered by twin Rolls Royce engines, and it is capable of performing aerobatic maneuvers not commonly associated with helicopters, such as loops and rolls. In 1972, a Lynx broke the world airspeed record for helicopters, flying at nearly 200 mph.

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