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Showcase Fighter Scramble 6 Piece Set with Stands


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1 in stock

Corgi Showcase CSFS01006 ‘Fighter Scramble’ Six-piece Set. Each model in this set of six comes in fit to box sizes with authentic markings and display stands. Box has some creases and small tears but models are new. The models are:-

1.) P-38J Lightning – “Little Eva”, USAAF, Pacific

2.) F-4U Corsair – Ira Kepford, US Navy, Pacific

3.) BF109 Messerschmitt Luftwaffe JG-3 “Udet” Hans von Hahn 1940

4.) Mitsubishi Zero – Pearl Harbour attack Dec 1941

5.) Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 Douglas Bader 1940

6.) P-51D Mustang – “Bunnie”, Tuskegee Airmen, Europe

One of the most decisive weapons of the Second World War was the fighter aircraft. Developed in a race against the looming threat of war in the 1930s, these versatile and highly manoeuvrable aircraft played a crucial role. It was the fighter that saved Britain from invasion in 1940, it was the fighter that posed a deadly threat in the Pacific. Above all, it was the fighter that provided the air support that made the crucial sea-borne landings such as at Guadalcanal and in Normandy.

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