Junkers Ju 87G Stuka – SG 2, Hans Rudel, East Front (RARE)


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Dragon Models 1/72 scale 50200: Junkers Ju 87G Stuka of SG 2, Hans Rudel, Luftwaffe, Eastern Front, 1944. Intricate detailed diecast model with optional canopy positions. Now extremely hard to find.

Length 6.25 inches Wingspan 7.25 inches

Hans-Ulrich Rudel flew some 2,530 combat missions (a world record), during which he destroyed almost 2,000 ground targets (among them 519 tanks, 70 assault craft/landing boats, 150 self-propelled guns, 4 armoured trains and 800 other vehicles; as well as 9 planes [2 IL-2’s and 7 fighters]). He also sank a battleship, two cruisers and a destroyer. He went on to become the most decorated soldier in Germany. The combination of a finely detailed scale model, and the markings of an historical fighter ace’s plane, makes this a highly prized asset in any model aircraft collection. Early in WWII, the German Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers struck fear into the hearts of its prey, and they were a powerful symbol of the new style of blitzkrieg warfare. However, as the war progressed, the Stuka was found to be vulnerable, and so other uses were found for it. One of these was as an airborne tank killer, with the Ju 87G being the final version of this distinctive and ungainly looking aircraft.

Designed to function as a close support aircraft, the Ju 87 was first flown on September 17th, 1935. The Ju 87 had an innovative design that included automatic dive brakes under each wing-a feature that protected against the consequences of pilot blackout by ensuring recovery from an attack dive. Crewed by a pilot and rear gunner, the Ju 87 had twin 37mm cannons and a bomb that swung away from the propeller on an elongated U-shaped crutch. Its inverted gull wings improved pilot-to-ground visibility, gave the undercarriage a shorter height and made the Ju 87 instantly recognizable to its enemies.

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