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C-17A Globemaster III – 437th Airlift Wing Charleston AFB 1/200


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Gemini 200 G2AFO880: McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III 99206 of the 437th Airlift Wing, USAF, Charleston AFB, SC. Although non limited no more than 750 will be produced.

Length 10.5 inches Wingspan 10.25 inches

The original lineage of the C-17 dates back to the early 1970’s when the Unites States Air Force needed a single aircraft that would combine the load capability of the C-141 Starlifter & C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft, yet have the versatility of the turboprop C-130 Hercules. Because of lessons learned in the Vietnam War, the USAF turned to Boeing and McDonnell Douglas to come up with a design to fit the requirement. Although both manufacturers came up with completed (and flyable) prototypes, neither was chosen. With the wars end, both companies went back to the drawing boards to come up with a more modern design and McDonnell Douglas came out the winner. On August 28, 1981, the C-17 was given the official “go-ahead” from the USAF. First flying on September 15, 1991, the C-17 is now the USAF’s most important aircraft. Filled with modern day technology, no other military transport aircraft matches its capability. Some of these features include a full “glass” cockpit that includes Heads up Display (HUD). Performance is remarkable with the ability to take-off and land within 1400 feet of runway. With the C-17’s in flight refueling capability, the aircraft has global range and has more than three times the capacity of the C-130 making her the true new back-bone of the USAF’s transport fleet. Despite Boeing’s loss to McDonnell Douglas for the contract to build this new transport, an ironic turn of events happened at the close of the century that lead to Boeing’s purchase of McDonnell Douglas, thus securing the honorable rights to the C-17.

Designed by McDonnell Douglas as a military transport aircraft, the C-17 Globemaster III was first flown on September 15, 1991. This enormous aircraft is used for strategic airlift of cargo and troops, and is capable of rapidly deploying and sustaining combat troops in potential battle areas. Among its many additional uses are medical evacuation, airdrop and tactical airlift. Powered by four reversible turbofan engines, the C-17 requires a crew of just three (a pilot, copilot and loadmaster). Its Maximum payload is 170,900 pounds and it is capable of carrying and dropping 102 paratroopers and their equipment.

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