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Hawker Fury – 43 Sqn RAF, Munich Crisis 1938, Camouflaged 1/48


Hobby Master 1/48 scale HA8005: Hawker Fury of 43 Squadron RAF, during the Munich Crisis in 1938. Production run of 750 models.

Length 6.75 inches Wingspan 7.5 inches

After occupying Austria in March 1938 Hitler made demands that part of Czechoslovakia that formerly was German territory and was taken away as a result of WWI, be returned to Germany or he would invade. In early September 1938 Prime Ministers of Britain and France met with Hitler and reached an agreement that Czechoslovakia cede the Sudetenland to Germany thus avoiding war. The Czechs reluctantly agreed and there was a meeting in Munich on September 29, 1938 where after hearing that Czechoslovakia had agreed Hitler added new demands that German troops be allowed to occupy the territory and again Hitler was appeased and we all know what happened from that point on.

The first flight of the Hawker Fury I took place in March 1931. Because of the Great Depression and the high cost of the Fury only 118 were produced for the RAF. It was the first RAF operational aircraft to exceed 200 mph in level flight. In May 1931 No. 43 Squadron was the first to receive the new aircraft. Starting in 1936 five RAF squadrons received the new improved Fury II. Seven foreign air forces ordered the Fury II. In 1939 the RAF Furys were replaced by Gladiators and Hurricanes.

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