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Supermarine Spitfire Mk 11 – Garfield Weston 1V, 312 Czech Sqn, Vybiral 1/48


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Hobby Master 1/48 scale HA7806: Spitfire Mk 11 ‘P8081’ GARFIELD WESTON IV as flown by ace Czech pilot Flt. Lt. Tomas (A.K.A. Adolphe) Vybiral of  312 ‘Czech’ Sqn RAF., based at Ayr in Nov 1941.

Length 7.5 inches Wingspan 9.25 inches

All markings pad applied for superb results. Canopy slides open. Comes with a pilot that can be removed. Comes with display stand. Landing gear is fully retractable and can be displayed up or down. Propeller is metal. Extremely sought after by collectors. The Spitfire Mk.II was an improvement over the late production Mk.I’s because it had the new Merlin XII engine. The new engine provided an extra 120 hp and could be equipped with either the Rotol or de Havilland propellers. Out of the 920 Mk.II’s built 750 were Mk.IIa’s armed with eight .303 Browning machine guns. The Mk.II was phased out in 1941 by the Mk.V. After escaping from Czechoslovakia Tomas (A.K.A. Adolphe) Vybiral joined the French Air Force. Here he is credited with 7 victories while flying a Curtiss Hawk 75 during the Battle of France. He left France for England and joined No. 312 Squadron known as the “Czech” Squadron. At first he flew Hurricanes and then his aircraft became a Spitfire Mk.IIa P8081 named “Garfield Weston IV”. Garfield Weston was a Canadian philanthropist who became the head of the Weston Food Group as well as a member of the British Parliament. Among his many financial gifts he donated £100,000 to the Spitfire Fund. Vybiral later commanded 312 Squadron. The 312 Squadron was disbanded in 1946. Vybiral’s actual first name is Tomas, not Adolphe. According to a Czech historian the problem began when the Czech pilots first flew with the French Air Force in WWII. Apparently the name was altered when it was being translated into French and after the war English speaking writers started using the name the way it was translated in French. Specifications for the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa Entered Service – August 1940 with 611 Squadron Performance Power Plant – 1 x Rolls-Royce Merlin XII, 1,175 hp (Mk.IIb – 1,300 hp) Maximum Speed – 370 mph (595 km/h) Maximum Range – 395 miles (636 km) Service Ceiling – 32,800 ft (9,997 m) Time 20,000 ft – 7 minutes Dimensions Length – 29.8 ft (9.1 m) Height – 11.48 ft (3.5 m) Wingspan – 36.75 ft (11.2 m) Armament Mk.IIa – 8 x Browning .303 machine guns Mk.IIb – 4 x machine guns + 2 x 20mm cannons

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