Douglas A-4C Skyhawk – VA-94 Shrikes, US Navy, USS Enterprise 1960s


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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA1424: Douglas A-4C Skyhawk serial 147681 (CO’s aircraft), VA-94 “Shrikes”, USS Enterprise, US Navy in the 1960s. Production of only 500 pieces.

Length 6.75 inches Wingspan 4.75 inches

Skyhawk BuNo. 147681 was produced in the second batch of 1960 A-4Cs and was assigned to VA-192 “World Famous Golden Dragons”. In 1965 the aircraft was assigned to Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron Fifteen (H&MS-15) at El Toro, California Detachment “N”. Detachment “N” had a routine of naming their 4 Skyhawks after ladies of the night so 147681 received “Fanny Hill”. In April 1966 147681 went to VA-94 “Mighty Shrikes on board USS Enterprise becoming the CO’s aircraft now numbered NF-401. In 1971 the aircraft was sent to scrap.

Designed to replace the Douglas AD-1 Skyraider the Skyhawk first flew in 1954. Its small size was a radical departure from the normal “Big” thinking of the time. The USN first took delivery in late 1956 with the USMC receiving theirs 3 months later. Over the years many nicknames were used, “Tinker Toy”, “Heinemann’s Hotrod” (the designer was Ed Heinemann), with the E and F models labeled the “Camel” because of the electronics hump along the dorsal. Probably the most well known nickname used for the 2,960 A-4’s that were produced is “Scooter”.

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