Douglas A-1J Skyraider – Sock It To Em, 56th SOW, USAF, Vietnam 1969


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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA2902: Douglas A-1J Skyraider “Sock it to em” of the 56th Special Operations Wing (SOW) based in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict in 1969. Packed with intricate detail, optional undercarriage, sliding canopy, huge weapon load and stand. Production run of 2,600 models.

Length 6.5 inches Wingspan 8.25 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Already a hard to source item as many have had to be returned to manufacturer due to a glue misting defect on the canopy windscreen and instrument panel top. The Planecrazy models have had replacement windscreens fitted and the panel tops cleaned, so actually better than when they left the factory.

The 56th Special Operations Wing (SOW) was formed in March 1967 with its mission to assist U.S. unconventional forces and U.S. friendly foreign government military forces throughout Indochina. The 602nd Special Operations Squadron (SOS) was assigned to the 56th SOW to provide armed escort for SAR operations or armed reconnaissance. They also provided escort for helicopters inserting or extracting Special Operations personnel from Laos and North Vietnam. For three years the 602nd used TT as their tail letters and the call sign Firefly or Sandy for helicopter SAR escort.

The A-1 Skyraider originated as a carrier-based torpedo and dive bomber.
Deliveries as the AD-1 to the Navy began in November 1946 and in 1962 was renamed A-1. It was the first single-seat torpedo/dive bomber to serve with the Navy. The primary mission of the A-1 was close air support for ground troops because of its heavy ordnance load and accuracy. The aircraft had great success in Korea and Vietnam. There were 3,180 Skyraiders built in seven major models and 28 different versions. A total of 266 A-1s were lost in Vietnam.
Some nicknames – Able Dog, Spad, Sandy, Hobo, Firefly, Zorro and “Crazy Water Buffalo,” a VNAF nickname.


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