Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon – Bronze Tiger, TktLwG 74, Luftwaffe, Neuburg AB, Germany, NATO Tiger Meet 2014

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA6609: Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon 30+09 Bronze Tiger of TktLwG 74,  Luftwaffe, Neuburg AB, Germany, NATO Tiger Meet 2014.

Length 8.75 Wingspan 6 inches

The NATO Association of Tiger Squadrons was esablished in 1961 to promote solidarity between NATO air forces. Each year, it holds a “Tiger Meet” to give member nations an opportunity to train together in simulated battle over the skies of Europe. As well as being opportunities for NATO air forces to share ideas and experiences, the meets are also public relations exercises and participating squadrons often decorate their aircraft with elaborate tiger-striped paint schemes.

Jagdgeschwader 74 (Fighter Wing 74) was activated on May 5th, 1961 equipped with the F-86K. In 2006 Jagdgeschwader 74 received the Eurofighter Typhoon making them the first German operational squadron. In March 2013 Jagdgeschwader 74 squadrons 741 and 742 took over the Tiger spirit from the disbanded 321 Squadron. In October 2013 JG 74 was renamed Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74 (TktLwG74). During “Tiger Meet 2014” (June 16th – 27th) EF2000 Eurofighter (30+09; C/N GS004/048) from TLG74 at Neuburg won Best Tiger Paint Scheme.

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