Republic F-105G Thunderchief Wild Weasel – 561st TFS Wild Weasels, USAF, Vietnam 1967

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA2550: Republic F-105G Thunderchief Wild Weasel #63-8320 of  561st TFS Wild Weasels, , USAF, Vietnam 1967

Length 10.75 inches Wingspan 5.75 inches

Republic Aviation built 833 F-105 Thunderchiefs of which 143 were “F’s and the USAF converted 65 of them into 2 seater F-105G Wild Weasel III. The F-105G was the first aircraft dedicated to Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) missions. The 561st TFS was equipped with 12 F-105Gs and lost 4 to enemy fire and 1 to an accident. F-105G S/N 63-8320 is credited with shooting down 3 MiGs and is on display at the National Museum of the USAF at Wright Patterson AFB.

Designed as a replacement for the F-84F Thuderstreak, the F-105 first flew on October 2, 1955. This Mach-2 capable aircraft was used for strike bombing during the Vietnam War. It was armed with a cannon and missiles and was also designed to carry a nuclear weapon. The single-seat F-105 was the largest single-engine fighter ever to serve with the USAF, and could deliver a greater bomb load than any of the 10-man strategic bombers that served during WWII. Despite these impressive statistics, the F-105 was also the only US aircraft in history to be removed from combat because of high rates of attrition.

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