McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi) F-4EJ Phantom II – 301st Hikotai, Hyakuri AB, JASDF, Japan 1981 (Last Phantom built)

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA19023: McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi) F-4EJ Phantom II serial 17-8440 of 301st Hikotai, Hyakuri AB, JASDF, Japan 1981. This was the very last Phantom manufactured in the World, by Mitsubishi under licence.. Production run of 1,800 pieces.

Length 10.5 inches  Wingspan 6.25 inches

The squadron emblem of the 301st Squadron is a frog wearing a scarf with 7 stars representing the 7th Air Wing. The mascot is based on a frog found locally near the Hyakuri AB. F-4EJ Kai 17-8440 was the last Phantom delivered in the world and arrived on May 20, 1981. It was assigned to 301st Squadron, the last JASDF F-4 squadron. The 301st retired the F-4 in 2021 and moved to Misawa AB and convert to the F-35.

Designed as a fleet defense fighter for the US Navy, the F-4 Phantom was first flown on May 27, 1958. This twin-engine, long-range all-weather fighter/bomber proved highly adaptable and served in the Marine Corps and the US Air Force as well as in the Navy. During the Vietnam War, it was the principal air superiority fighter for the Navy and the Air Force and was also used for reconnaissance and ground attack. The Phantom continued to serve well into the 1970s and 1980s and even flew missions during the first Gulf War. Finally phased out by the F-14, F-16 and F/A-18, the Phantom was retired in 1996.

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