Mikoyan Gurevic MIG-15bis (Fagot) – Col. Jaroslav Sramek, Czech Air Force 1953. F-84 Kill


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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA2416: MIG-15bis (NATO Codename FAGOT) Serial 37 of Col. Jaroslav Sramek, Czechoslovak Air Force, 1953

Length 6 inches Wingspan 5.5 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Box is not perfect with some scuffing to edges. Model is new

On March 10, 1953 two Czechoslovak Air Force S-102 (MiG-15s built in Czechoslovakia under license) spotted 2 USAF F-84s in Czech airspace. The F-84s became aware of the MiGs and took evasive action at full throttle. MiG-15 No. 37 piloted by Col. Jaroslav Sramek fired warning shots but hit a fuel tank and Lt. G. A. Brown’s F-84 caught fire while the other F-84 escaped. Sramek fired a second burst and Brown’s F-84 began to dive toward earth however; Brown managed to eject. The U.S. side of the incident differed from the Czech version. Col. Sramek was the one and only Czechoslovak pilot to shoot down an American aircraft during the Cold War.

The MiG-15 (NATO name Fagot) was designed from information and technology gathered from captured WWII Germans. The main features of the Mig-15 were its simplicity and swept wings. The MiG-15bis was an improved single-seat fighter with better cannon, fuel capacity, avionics and a Klimov turbojet engine developed using an unlicensed Rolls-Royce Nene engine. All this was put in a strengthened airframe. The Allies were completely surprised when the Mig-15 arrived in Korea and quickly brought about the development of the F-86 Sabre. There were a total of 364 MiG-15bisR built.

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