Mitsubishi F-1 – 90-8227, 6th Hikotai, JASDF, Hamamatsu AB 2006


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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA3409: Mitsubishi F-1 serial 90-8227 of 6th Hikotai, JASDF, Hamamatsu AB 2006.

Length 9.75 inches Wingspan 4.25 inches

The Mitsubishi F-1 is a single-seat attack aircraft that evolved from the Mitsubishi T-2 supersonic jet trainer. Its primary task in the Japanese Self Defense Force is anti-shipping with an air-to-air capability. The F-1 entered service in April 1978 and production ended in March 1987. 160 aircraft were planned, but only 77 were built. The F-1 had several upgrades to extend its service life. The F-1 has slowly been replaced by the Mitsubishi F-2 and upgraded F-4EJ “Kai” Phantom II’s. In 2006 six F-1s were retired.

The Mitsubishi F-1 was the first Japanese developed and built supersonic military jet. In 1978 the JASDF began to replace the aging F-86 with the first of 77 Mitsubishi F-1. In 1981 the 6th Squadron (Hikotai) became the third unit to be outfitted with the F-1. The F-1 was utilized until 2006 when it was replaced by the Mitsubishi F-2. When F-1 90-8227 was retired it was sent to the JASDF Air Park at the Hamamatsu AB in Shizuoka Prefecture where it is an indoor display..

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