North American T-6 Texan – IDF/AF, Israel


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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA1509: North American T-6 Texan of IDF/AF, Israel

Length 4.5 inches Wingspan 7 inches

In October 1948 crates containing 17 Harvards arrived for The IAF (IAF in 1948 – IDF/AF present time). Because the Israeli “War of Independence” was taking place the Harvards were used to form the 35th Squadron. With the IAF being so new and in a war they desperately needed front line aircraft so instead of flight trainers the aircraft were pressed into a dive-bomber role. They were manned by experienced former WW II crews but when the war ended later in 1948 these crews left. With the end of hostilities some Harvards were sent to the IAF flight school to teach young Israelis to become pilots. Some 65 Harvards were kept for ground attack in case hostilities broke out again. The Harvards were pressed into field service several times over the next 15 years or so and in 1961 they were starting to be retired from the flight school as more modern aircraft were acquired. Two examples of this aircraft can be found at the IAF museum.

Designed as an entry for a 1937 USAAC “Basic Combat” aircraft competition, the T-6 was first flown on April 1, 1935. Several hundred T-6s were built before the advanced trainer designation, when it was modified for its role as a basic combat trainer. Nicknamed “the pilot maker,” the Texan had low cantilever wings and a long two seat cockpit, with the engine mounted at the extreme forward. It trained thousands of USAF pilots through the 1950s and remained in service with some nations well into the 1990s. More than 15,000 T-6s were manufactured, and the aircraft remains a familiar air show presence, with 350+ airworthy examples still in existence.

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