Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B – Red 36, 941st IAP, Russian AF, Kola, P-3 Incident, Barents Sea 1987

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA6001: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B (Early Type) Red 36, Russian Air Force, Barents Sea, 1987. Production run of 1,500 models.

Length 12 inches Wingspan 8 inches

On September 13, 1987 Su-27 Flanker B (early Type) Red 36 from the 941st IAP V-PVO piloted by Senior Lieutenant Vassily Tsimbal intercepted the Norwegian P-3 Orion “602” flown by Lt. Salvesen and 9 crewmembers off the Kola Peninsula. Red 36 made three passes, each one bringing the two aircraft closer until the third encounter caused the Su-27’s vertical stabilizer to hit the P-3 propeller tearing the Su-27 stabilizer tip off and sending a piece of the P-3 propeller into “602” causing decompression. Remarkably both aircraft safely returned to their bases.

The Su-27S (NATO reporting name – Flanker) is a single-seat highly-maneuverable fighter aircraft built by Sukhoi Design Breau as the Soviet response to the U.S. F-14 and F-15 and entered service in 1985. The primary role of the Su-27 was to provide defence against American bombers, USN ships and provide Soviet bomber escorts. There have been many improvements over the years resulting in numerous variants of the Su-27. The export variant, the Su-27SK was sold to China and eventually developed into the license-built Shenyang J-11.

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