Sukhoi Su-57 Felon – Blue 053, Russian Air Force, 2019

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA6801: Sukhoi Su-57 Felon Blue 053 of the Russian Air Force, 2019

Length 11 inches  Wingspan 7.75 inches

The T-50/Su-57 prototype first flew on January 29, 2010 and as of March 2018 there are 10 Su-57 prototypes (NATO codename Felon). This is Russia’s first stealth aircraft and was designed to cope with the F-22 and F-35. The Su-57 is made from extensive use of composite material and radar absorbing material (RAM). The original AL-41F-1 engine is under powered and will be replaced by an Izdelie 30 which is under development. The Felon has super manoeuvrability, super-cruise, thrust-vectoring nozzles. Russia ordered 76 Su-57s.

Russia is in the process of developing UCAV (unmanned aerial combat vehicle) or RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) the S-70 “Hunter”. In 2018 Bort 053 was selected to test communications and team operations with the S-70. In 2019 Bort 053 received a new paint scheme on the top and bottom that resembles the Hunter’s silhouette. Silhouettes of the Su-57 and the Hunter with a lightning bolt below were added to the vertical stabilizers. The lightning bolt suggests some sort of electronic connection between the two aircraft.

Designed as a fifth generation stealth fighter, comparable to the F-22, the Su-57 was first flown as the PAK FA on January 29th, 2010.

The Su-57 is a flatter, more angular airframe than earlier jets, with a blended wing and body configuration to give it built-in stealth. The aircraft was initially fitted with two Saturn/Rybinsk AL-31F1 after-burning turbofan engines, each with a thrust rating of 19,842 pounds. In 2017, an Su-57 flew with the aircraft’s permanent engine; the brand new, higher-performance Izdeliye 30 (“Product 30”), which generates 24,250 pounds of thrust. (Another report suggests production aircraft will stick with the AL-31F. The jet’s N036 Byelka radar uses the same active electronically scanned array radar technology as the F-22 and F-35).

The “Felon” is designed to engage adversaries in the air and on the ground while remaining stealthy, and like the F-22 Raptor, it stores armament in four internal weapons bays, including two large main bays and two small bays. The main bays are capable of carrying large air-to-air missiles, such as the medium-range K-77M radar-guided air-to-air missiles. They can also carry anti-radiation missiles for targeting ground-based radars, electro-optical guided bombs, and anti-ship missiles. The aircraft can carry weapons externally on its wings and fuselage if stealth is not a concern.

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