Beaufighter TF MkX – 236 Sqn, RAF Coastal Command


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2 in stock

1/72 scale Hobbymaster Beaufighter TF MkX Torpedo Fighter (known as the “Torbeau”) MB-T/NT950 of 236 Sqn, RAF Coastal Command based at North Coates in North Lincolnshire. Production of 2,500 pieces.

The North Coates Strike Wing developed attack tactics combining large formations of Beaufighters on anti-flak suppression with cannon and rockets while the Torbeaus attacked on low level. These tactics were put into practice in mid 1943 and in a 10 month period 27,000 tonnes of shipping were sunk. Tactics were further adapted when shipping was moved from port during night hours. North Coates Strike Wing operated as the largest anti-shipping force of the Second World War, and accounted for over 150,000 tons of shipping and 117 vessels for a loss of 120 Beaufighters and 241 aircrew killed or missing. This was half the total tonnage sunk by all strike wings between 1942-45. Used on most World War 2 fronts; the Japanese nicknamed the Beaufighter “Whispering Death” due to the quietness of its Hercules engines and its withering firepower.
The model itself is fantastically accurate, with intricate panel lines, attractive D-Day livery and torpedo and rocket armament, plus optional undercarriage and stand.

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