T-6D Texan – serial 1261, FAB (Brazilian Air Force)


Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series HA1525: T-6D Texan serial 1261 of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force). Production of only 500 pieces.

In December 1938 the Brazilian Navy acquired 12 T-6 Texans of the NA-46 variant. In August 1939 the Brazilian Army Air Force acquired 30 of the NA-72 variant. Over the years Brazil accumulated almost 500 Texans of different variants. An arrangement was reached that allowed a Brazilian company to manufacture some aircraft. During the 1960s and 1970s some of these aircraft were outfitted with machine guns, hardpoints for bombs and missiles. T-6D 1261 is on a pedestal in the small town of Paraguaçu-MG in the Brazilian interior.

North American Aviation won a competition to build a basic trainer that would prepare pilots in over 50 countries for over 50 years. The design known as the T-6 has a variety of designations depending on the country that owned them and the model variant. The USAAC referred to them as AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) while the USN designated them SNJ. The British Commonwealth countries referred to them as Harvards. In all their variants there were 15,495 aircraft built.

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