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Convair 990 Coronado – OD-AFI, Middle East Airlines 1/200


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InFlight 1/200 scale IF9900516P; Convair 990 Coronado OD-AFI of Middle East Airlines (MEA) in attractive polished finish with display stand.

Length 8 inches Wingspan 7 inches

PLEASE NOTE; the polished metal has tarnished since the models were produced, giving them a more authentic look. Please only purchase if this appeals to you.

The Convair 990 Coronado was a narrow-body four-engined jet airliner produced by the Convair division of General Dynamics, a “stretched” version of their earlier Convair 880 produced in response to a request from American Airlines. The 990 was lengthened by 10 ft (3.0 m), which increased the number of passengers from between 88 and 110 in the 880, to between 96 and 121. This was still fewer than the contemporary Boeing 707 (110 to 189) or Douglas DC-8 (105 to 173), although the 990 was claimed to be 25–35 mph (40–56 km/h) faster than either in cruise.

The Convair 990A is still the fastest non-supersonic commercial transport to have ever been produced. During May 1961, one of the pre-production 990 prototype aircraft set a record of .97 Mach in level flight at an altitude of 22,500 ft., equivalent to a true airspeed of 675 mph. This was before the various aerodynamic drag-reduction changes were applied to the later 990A in order to meet certain performance guarantees which Convair had made to American Airlines. These subsequent modifications made to the later 990A (consisting of the four wing-mounted anti-shock body “speed capsules” and substantial streamlining of the engine pylon/wing interface) increased the velocity at which onset of transonic drag would occur by 0.09 Mach. As such, the 990A would have been capable of speeds slightly in excess of 700 mph

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