Sukhoi SU-22M4 Fitter K – 32nd Tactical Air Base Nad Oslavou, Czech Air Force, RIAT, 1995

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JC Wings 1/72 scale JCW72SU20005: SU-22M4 Fitter K , 32nd Tactical Air Base Nad Oslavou, Czech Air Force, RIAT, 1995. Limited edition of 600 models.

Length 10.5 inches Wingspan 7.5 inches

Please note: Model does not come with a display stand.

In the opinion of most pilots, the Su-22 is not easy to fly. One of the Polish Fitter pilots explained: “The variable wing geometry requires much attention. The pilot must take into account several operational limitations, related to the position of the movable section of the wing and wing high-lift devices.  The automatic flight control system, although aiding the pilot in many situations, is not a fly-by-wire system and is not pilot-friendly. However, a well-trained pilot is able to get much out of the aircraft. The aircraft handles very well in low-altitude high-speed flight, providing good manoeuvrability in strafing flights; it can also attain pretty long range and endurance”

The Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 series is a variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber developed for the Soviet military. Its NATO reporting name is Fitter. Developed from the fixed wing Sukhoi Su-7, the Su-17 was the first variable-sweep wing aircraft to enter Soviet service. Two subsequent Sukhoi aircraft, the Su-20 and Su-22, have usually been regarded as export variants of the Su-17. The Su-17/20/22 series has had a long career and has been operated by many other air forces of including the Russian Federation, other former Soviet republics, the former Warsaw Pact, countries in the Arab world, Angola and Peru.

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